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display_about_archonThe Ultima 6 Project is a retelling of Origin Systems’TM classic 1990 RPG Ultima VI: The False Prophet implemented as a Mod, or Siegelet, for the Dungeon Siege game engine.
You may want to download the game, or visit our forums for help with the game. Use the menus to navigate to various sections of the site, including news, screen shots, and more!

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Latest News: Ultima 6 Project 1.1 (final)

It is with much pleasure that we announce the release of the 1.1 Final Release of Team Archon’s Ultima 6 Project (U6P), for Dungeon Siege 1 (PC and Mac). U6P features an open and varied world for you to explore with dungeons, caves, islands and towns for you to discover; a non-linear plot line with many, many quests; ships you can sail and navigate across Britannia’s oceans; a second world to discover; both a “virtuous” and an “evil” plot line, and much, much more. 

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