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Development Journal: May 18, 2010

Ultima 6 Project is nearing 1.0 release. I’m happy to say 3D development for 1.0 (for my part at least) ended in April 2010 and after that I’ve only worked on 2D potraits.

Now, to whet your appetite, I have compiled a video of some 3D content I did for U6P. Can’t show all – this is way too long a reel, already. Clips are screen-captured from SiegeMax(gMax deriative) preview-window, not from game. Play the game to see these at their best and in context.

See it  in HD at Vimeo or with more background info at my CG Learning Blog.

Development Journal: April 10, 2009

Hello, been a while again.

I’ve spent lots of time creating other creatures, animations, custom farmboy-models, dead & sleeper bodies, numerous items big and small, and have just been the general 3D go-to-guy for our team.  I’m not forgetting gargoyles, though.  They’ve been tweaked futher.  You can see many of these thing in my coming(soon) demoreel, maybe something you haven’t found in the game yet?  How about Giant Ants?

We had trouble with the gargoyles on the Siege Editor-side, textures loading reversed and more, but our coding wizards have stambed the bugs.  They’ve also managed to bring in more of the animations I made earlier.  Say, before you saw wingless gargoyle attacking or fidgeting in only one way, now they should use 3-8 animations more for each action.

EDIT(May 2009): Many of these problems are still present and anims not in use,scheduled for a fix in M7.

As a teaser here’s a short clip of Silver Serpent, reduced to a gif-anim.  See them ‘for real’ in game.  They’re huge 🙂

Any 3D-wizards, or hobbyists, out there interested in growing their resume with low-poly game-models and animations?  Please take a look at our job openings.  We’d love the help.

Development Journal: October 7, 2008

Regardless of my lack of reporting, the work on the gargoyles progresses.  We had plenty of trouble with the winged, again.  The beautiful rig I made for animating it did the job fine until we came to the point of changing heads for unique characters (and in the future other parts for armor).  Winged pretty much exploded.  So I had to scrap my rig, make a new one and redo all winged animations.

Recently, in order to get wingless gargoyle wear armor (not done yet), I’ve redone the UV’s, texturing and rigging for the wingless.  See picture here for the difference.  This texture, while not great, is less embarassing for me to show.

Other than gargoyles I’ve built some special non-character 3D for the game, made the journal graphics and so on.  Work goes on, M6 approaches, but we could use some help too.  See team-section, thank you.

Development Journal: May 11, 2007

So now we have an animated and textured winged.  Later versions of winged will receive special skin details and more.  I had lots of problems with the winged rig, winged exploding in game and such fun things.  See previous report for the rig.  Was fixed eventually (end of May).

This animation is a very rough presentation of what you see in game.  GIF is made by taking screencaptures from SiegeMax.  Plays too slow, lost half the details because of the compression and so on.  See game for true version.

Animations done so far:
* wingless: 3 sets of 22-27 anims each (lots of these revised now)
* winged: 1 set of 30

Play Milestone 3 (soon) to see the critters in action 🙂

Development Journal: December 8, 2006

(apologies – the screenshots appear to be missing from this post.)

Long time, no updates, sorry.  It has been due to lots of work at one time, lack of inspiration at other.  Anyway during the summer I built, textured and animated drawbridge and ramp which you may have seen in Milestone 2.  Zephyr made it work in game.  On and off during the autumn I rebuilt the winged gargoyle towards something different.  Then made animation controls and now he’s rigged.  Results and more info are here.


New winged is less of a body builder with wings and more like being that actually could fly.  He’s slim yet very powerful – just wait until he has a texture and it’ll show better.  About 1550 triangles.

Winged can and will, if programming allows, do things on ground, walk around with wings drawn behind the back.  I didn’t go for fully folding wings, as that would have increased polycount +been a nightmare to animate.  And of course this guy can fly and attack from air – again if programming allows.






The Rig is full of animation constraints that really make SiegeMax(Gmax) to bend and creak on the edge of crashing (and beyond).  This set lets me move those wings in sensible and easy way and so makes animation far faster.  I hope.



Rig winged has gives him some abilities the wingless lacked, namely controlling knees and elbows.  I did manage without them with wingless after a fashion but these controls are far better.   Wingless will also receive this ‘ability’ and I aim to improve his old animations.

After this next stop is to make lots and lots of animations.  And finally in the end I will open him up, map his skin, give him a texture and put him back together.  Texture will do wonders for the look. Reports will come again at some point.  Seeya!

Development Journal: May 11, 2006

 Helmet Modeling.

Not much done this past week, been busy. But I did build 3 helmet models, no UV-mappings or textures yet.

This is but a preview, screengrabs from Lightwave Modeler without any shadows. Shows just the general shape in progress. Later and a lot prettier versions will be in game.. in M3 I think. Anyways there could be helmets going from a simple leather cap to more elaborate heavy bronze and plate designs.

Development Journal: May 4, 2006

 Hell of a lot work done this week on gargoyle animations. Now weaponless, single-handed weapon and single-handed weapon+shield -anims are all done. There’s only possible(and probable) fixes left to do and maybe additional animations for variation. And, *sigh*, of course new complete anim-sets for other type of weapons if needed.

Currently there’s animations(usually including several very different versions of said anim) for walking, running, standing and being idle, idling in attack pose, attacking, getting hit, and finally dying. More types could be blocking, begging for mercy and such, but U6P may not need or use those.

Anim on the right is composed of screengrabs and so may look odd and does run too slowly. Looks way better ‘in real life’. Armanents used here are placeholders.

What remains is to test these in game. Once that’s covered I can move on to fixing the texture, making armors and other accessories and then finally start the work on winged gargoyles.

Development Journal: April 27, 2006

 This week I fixed the mesh a bit and did some single-handed weapon(=SHW) animations for the wingless gargoyle. Some could be based on weaponless anims, the rest have to be done from scratch.

Even though this animation set will not have a shield, I’m building these animations with shield as in included picture… so that I can later alter these to shield carrying versions with minor changes.

Animations done:

  • weaponless fidgets +1, now total of 6
  • SHW fighting stance
  • SHW default stance
  • SHW fidgets 6