Team Archon Releases Patch 1.0.1

Team Archon has released the 1.0.1 patch for the Ultima 6 Project for Dungeon Siege 1 (PC and Mac). This release fixes a number of issues which prevented players from completing the game, including:

  • Issues with teleporters and orbing
  • Conversation loops and broken conversation triggers
  • NIS sequences which were not clearing the letterboxing upon completion
  • Other miscellaneous items which were affecting game play

If you find problems with the release, want to exchange play hints with other players or discuss the game in chat, want to give us kudos, or (heaven forbid) want to tell us what you really think, join us at our forums at:

Following this release, Team Archon will be taking a vacation from active development for approximately three weeks. We will not be monitoring the forum nor providing support until our return. Thanks to all of our fans, and enjoy the game!

Team Archon

Download Mirrors (Patch only – requires 1.0 to be installed)

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