U6 Project M2 Released!

Finally! It’s here! The U6 Project is officially releasing Milestone 2, a.k.a. M2, also affectionately known as “the most recent labour of love.” Yes, you too can download this 230MB (approximately) mod and explore the towns of Cove and Britain, roam the new dungeon (if you can find it), talk to the denizens, die a few times, cast a few spells, etc. etc. etc….

This is not a final release of these sections of the game, but we feel that they are reasonably polished enough for public consumption (read: scrutiny). If you find problems with the release, want to give us kudos, or (heaven forbid) want to tell us what you really think, as always you can find us lurking about in our forums. That is, when we’re not busily scratching away at building M3, which hopefully will be finished some time this century.

If you want to mirror this download, please feel free to do so and post the link in our forums so we can update this news article with your mirror. At the moment, here is/are the only location(s) from which you can download M2:

  • The U6 Project website (offline)
  • Mirror 1

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