Development Journal: December 8, 2006

(apologies – the screenshots appear to be missing from this post.)

Long time, no updates, sorry.  It has been due to lots of work at one time, lack of inspiration at other.  Anyway during the summer I built, textured and animated drawbridge and ramp which you may have seen in Milestone 2.  Zephyr made it work in game.  On and off during the autumn I rebuilt the winged gargoyle towards something different.  Then made animation controls and now he’s rigged.  Results and more info are here.


New winged is less of a body builder with wings and more like being that actually could fly.  He’s slim yet very powerful – just wait until he has a texture and it’ll show better.  About 1550 triangles.

Winged can and will, if programming allows, do things on ground, walk around with wings drawn behind the back.  I didn’t go for fully folding wings, as that would have increased polycount +been a nightmare to animate.  And of course this guy can fly and attack from air – again if programming allows.






The Rig is full of animation constraints that really make SiegeMax(Gmax) to bend and creak on the edge of crashing (and beyond).  This set lets me move those wings in sensible and easy way and so makes animation far faster.  I hope.



Rig winged has gives him some abilities the wingless lacked, namely controlling knees and elbows.  I did manage without them with wingless after a fashion but these controls are far better.   Wingless will also receive this ‘ability’ and I aim to improve his old animations.

After this next stop is to make lots and lots of animations.  And finally in the end I will open him up, map his skin, give him a texture and put him back together.  Texture will do wonders for the look. Reports will come again at some point.  Seeya!

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