U6P Technical Demo

U6P Tech DemoThe purpose of this demonstration is to show the public the technical systems that we are recreating in order to support an Ultima-like game experience. Please note that a fair number of these systems are in a Beta-like state, and there are bound to be problems. Please report any bugs that you find in the U6 Archon forums, and we will try to get them fixed so that they work correctly in subsequent public releases.

This represents almost three years of technical research and implementation. This would not have been possible without contributions from many individuals and groups. Thanks again for taking the time to review our work, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve wrought. And remember, as Bill and Ted once said, “Be excellent to each other.”

Download the Technical Demo

The 37Mb Tech Demo is available for download here at U6P. To download it, right-click this link and save the installer to your hard drive.


Ensure that you do not have any extra non-standard DS/DSLOA resource files or modifications installed in your Dungeon Siege Resources Directory. The U6P technical demo installs into a separate directory from normal Dungeon Siege and provides its own custom shortcut so it should not interfere with any other modifications. By default, your resources directory would be:

c:\program files\Microsoft Games\Dungeon Siege\Resources

The default location that the U6P Technical Demo will install to is:

c:\program files\Microsoft Games\Dungeon Siege\Mods\u6p_tech_demo

To uninstall, use Windows Add/Remove Programs or the Uninstall shortcut in the Start Menu.

Special Thanks

  • Team Lazarus: For moral support, Boat Mesh, Reagent Meshes, Reagent Icons, to True Kirika for additional conversation engine coding, and to Risen Dragon for assistance with UI development
  • Planet DungeonSiege: For supporting the DS community and providing us with our web hosting.
  • Stephanie Legault: For the original format of the API documentation and extensive research of the API system
  • Xaa: For the skrit tutorials, beta testing the UI Designer, carryable torch idea, and providing so much knowledge and insight to the community.
  • Major Hostility: For beta testing the UI Designer and building the SFX Tester which was used to help create this demo.
  • Witness: For providing a fabulous central resource for the community and providing insight into inducing unconsciousness. Also for the listen.skrit debug component.
  • Jordan Russell: For the Inno Setup Installer http://www.jrsoftware.org
  • Sourceforge.net: For providing support and source control to the open source community.
  • Uncle Ernsie: For providing answers when there were none to be found and for generally supporting the community.
  • Gas Powered Games: For providing such a fabulous system for creating new worlds.
  • Origin Systems and Richard “Lord British” Garriott: For having the vision to create a world that still fascinates and inpsires us decades later.
  • The Fans: Who provide us with the motivation to do crazy things like this.

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