art_of_ultimaThe Art of Ultima – Alex Gonzales

One of the main aims of the Ultima 6 Project has been to improve on the artwork of the original game and take it to professional standards. One of the artists who stands apart from the others is Alex Gonzales.

The Language of Britannia – Focus on Wyrdweb

Another day begins, and the Britannian sun shines once more.

Wyrdweb, Team Archon’s Dialogue Editor, has been with the Ultima 6 Project since late 2006. Her work is everywhere. It’s one thing to put a name to a face, a job to a character – it’s another thing to bring life and invest it with meaning, and another still, to do it well. There are literally hundreds of people in Britannia, each with their own lives and dreams.

Dr. Cat

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3D Development – The Work of Niko Mäkelä


3D Modeler and Animator Niko Makela is the lead developer who brought gargoyles (and many other creatures) to the realm of Britannia. Niko kept a running log for four years with interesting insight into the building of the Gargoyle race. Modeling, texturing, animating, the works. Also, you may want to look up his recent work on his personal 3D Development website:

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Building a World – Spotlight on: Riptzen

 Riptzen was with the project for several years, and set the tone for all of the dungeons to follow. His first project was the sewers, which was meticulously populated and beautifully lit. When asked what he wanted us to say about him, he replied, with typical modesty, “I’m Canadian. I do maps. And I like it.”

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