Development Journal: May 4, 2006

 Hell of a lot work done this week on gargoyle animations. Now weaponless, single-handed weapon and single-handed weapon+shield -anims are all done. There’s only possible(and probable) fixes left to do and maybe additional animations for variation. And, *sigh*, of course new complete anim-sets for other type of weapons if needed.

Currently there’s animations(usually including several very different versions of said anim) for walking, running, standing and being idle, idling in attack pose, attacking, getting hit, and finally dying. More types could be blocking, begging for mercy and such, but U6P may not need or use those.

Anim on the right is composed of screengrabs and so may look odd and does run too slowly. Looks way better ‘in real life’. Armanents used here are placeholders.

What remains is to test these in game. Once that’s covered I can move on to fixing the texture, making armors and other accessories and then finally start the work on winged gargoyles.

Development Journal: April 27, 2006

 This week I fixed the mesh a bit and did some single-handed weapon(=SHW) animations for the wingless gargoyle. Some could be based on weaponless anims, the rest have to be done from scratch.

Even though this animation set will not have a shield, I’m building these animations with shield as in included picture… so that I can later alter these to shield carrying versions with minor changes.

Animations done:

  • weaponless fidgets +1, now total of 6
  • SHW fighting stance
  • SHW default stance
  • SHW fidgets 6

Development Journal: April 20, 2006

 Hiya folks. Don’t worry, lack of reports during last weeks does not mean no progress. Altough I’ve been busy with study and life in general, there has been some anims done, nothing that could be easily shown though. You’ll have to play the game to see.

Weaponless anims for the wingless gargoyle are pretty much done, now moving on to anims with one single-handed weapon – for example a sword. The one in pic is a placeholder.

Luckily it looks like weaponless run and walk work just as well with a weapon. He’s not slicing and dicing himself or anything like that.

Development Journal: March 5, 2006

  • ‘Beauty shots’ of the textured and rigged gargoyle
  • I wrote something.. If you’re into Gmax-work and have trouble mapping/texturing complex characters, a general guide (PDF) might help. It is nothing special but something of interest to the Gmax’ers, boring to everyone else. PDF 560KB (right-click and “save target as”)

ADDITION, May 18th 2010. The above link is out of date. New location for the guide and much more is CGmascot Learning Blog.

Development Journal: February 23, 2006

Well, I’ve been busy at this but having learned some tricks I have started again and again. This is really doing things the hard way.. But what the hell, it is all good training. Here’s base gargoyle so far. It should be only matter of texturing any more. Paint paint paint. Fun 🙂

Also except a tutorial on mapping/texturing in Gmax here soon. Oh and note that these pics are from paint program and Gmax, not Dungeon Siege.. and these are with 512×512 pixel texture-maps.. final will be half that(game requirement, sorry), so less detail. But you almost never see them this close up anyway. More progress to come later.

Milestone 1 Release

Milestone 1 ReleaseThe purpose of this first Milestone Release is to demonstrate the world of Ultima 6 in its earliest stages. It’s an attempt to gather user feedback before we potentially go down the wrong path, while also introducing a broad testing base as early as possible into the development cycle.

This Milestone has bare-bones character creation but also introduces the player to the Gypsy’s realm, the non-interactive sequence detailing the Avatar’s capture/escape and exploration of Castle Britannia and its underlying sewers. Subsequent Milestones will include successive plot points and additional locations to travel to. The world of Ultima 6 is large and beautiful, but it’s also very different from Ultima 5. We hope you enjoy tinkering with an “in process” version of the game as Archon moves to complete the final version.

M1 represents years of technical research and implementation and could not have been possible without contributions from many individuals and groups. Thanks again for taking the time to review our work, and we hope you enjoy what we’ve wrought. And remember, as Bill and Ted once said, “Be excellent to each other.”

Download the Milestone Release

The 150Mb M1 Release is available for download here at U6P. To download it, right-click this link and save the installer to your hard drive.


To install, download the .zip file, and extract it into a temporary folder. Then, run the setup.exe program. It will set up all your shortcuts for you. Milestone 1 will take you through character generation, the opening sequence, Lord British’s castle, and the sewers below. Please leave feedback in the forums.

A few notes: If you have trouble getting it running, check the following:

  1. Remove all junk from your My Document\Dungeon Siege\Bits folder.
  2. Check to make sure there aren’t any stray .dsres or .dsmod files in 
    Program Files\Microsoft Games\Dungeon Siege\Resources
    Program Files\Microsoft Games\Dungeon Siege\mods.

To uninstall, use Windows Add/Remove Programs or the Uninstall shortcut in the Start Menu.

Development Journal: February 16, 2006

Damnation, still no real progress to show. In short I have been busy as hell and annoyed to no end with work that had some things going wrong, number one being me not getting paid. Anyway now that’s over, I’m free and should have more time for this again.

I have found a way of uvw-mapping characters that is low tech enough to work in Gmax. It is no secret, I just didn’t see it at first. It is no science really, just work and work. Included pic show gargoyle with placeholder texture on that I use for mapping purposes. Another pic shows uvw-map in edit window. Next it is moving things around for the two textures I need to make (skin & armor), opening some bits, fixing others, welding vertexes, trying to understand what goes where.. a pain most likely.

Anyway this is where I’m now. Next week with texture I hope.

Development Journal: February 9, 2006

Sorry folks, I’ve been too busy to make progress that I could show. I did study how to uv-map meshes ‘the optimum way’ and did map the base gargoyle in Lightwave. It seemed a lot like import to Gmax would work via 3DS-format but nope, no such luck. I guess they intended it this way, having Gmax a pain/impossible to use with any other software. Anyways now I’m mapping in Gmax. Tedious.

Oh yeah, optimized base gargoyle from 1204 to 1150 triangles.