U6P Interface Designer

Quite simply one of the most useful tools for modding, the U6P Interface Designer has been created to make it easy to visually layout your custom Dungeon Siege user interfaces. With the ability to move components around and immediately see a representation of how it will look, it’s ideally suited for not only modifying existing interfaces but for creating interfaces from scratch.

Download the Interface Designer

The 1.2Mb Interface Designer is available for download here at U6P. To download it, right-click this link and save the installer to your hard drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of the Interface Designer?

The Interface Designer has been created to make it extremely easy to visually layout your custom Dungeon Siege User Interfaces. You are able to move the components around and immediately see a representation of how it will look. It is ideally suited for modifying core User Interfaces that ship with Dungeon Siege, but can also be used for creating interfaces from scratch.

How do I set up the User Tools and what are they for?

The “User Tools” have been created to allow for quickly launching other tools from the Interface Designer. To set up the tools, go to “Tools | Settings” and add the path/executable + Parameters for the tool you would like to assign to a particular tool number. By setting “Save Before Running” the current file will be saved first. Each tool can quickly be launched by hitting “Ctrl + #.” My set up is as follows:

  • Tool 1: I have pointed to UltraEdit32, my favorite text editor. For parameters, I have put in %f , which will automatically be expanded upon execution to be the current path/filename of the UI file being edited. I use this mainly for quickly doing searches, replaces, etc. in the current file. By hitting “Ctrl + R” after I’ve made changes in my external editor, the changes will get re-loaded.
  • Tool 2: I have set up to execute DSMod with the correct parameters needed to launch the map/mod I’m currently working with. This way I can make changes in the interface, then just press “Ctrl + 2” and load up DSMod to view the changes.

I have loaded up a UI and am getting the error: “Unknown Control: .” What do I do?

You are using a control type that has not been added to the UI designer. Please let me know what control this is and optionally provide a sample gas file with this control in it.

I have loaded up a UI and am getting the error: “Unknown …”

You are using either a control or variable type that has not been defined in the editor. Check your gas file and ensure that you have not made a syntax error. If this is truly a valid control or enum, please let me know the complete text of the error and optionally provide a sample gas file with this control in it.

Can I change the default text generated for new controls I add to my interface?<

Yes. The controls are all defined in /templates/.template. These are just text files that are loaded up whenever you add a new control to your interface. If you have a preferred coding style or wish to add additional comments to the controls, this is where you would add them. Please let me know if you add anything that you may want to share and I’ll see if I can incorporate it into the standard release.

Why isn’t property XXX for my favorite control not in the property inspector?

The component properties are still under construction. I’m adding them as I learn more about UI modding, so not everything is represented yet. If you wish, you can add the property to the template file for a quick fix. Also, let me know of the property and how it is used and I will add it to the property inspector for a later release.

Can you add feature XXX?

Let me know and I’ll definitely look into it. Bear in mind, however, that this is not aimed at being an all-encompassing tool for all of your modding needs. It is designed to be used in parallel with other tools, which is why the User Tools function was added. I personally prefer to use an advanced text editor for custom coding and search/replace because that is the best tool for the job. Once I am finished, I then load up the UI in the Interface Designer to tweak it.

Development Links

The following resources have been key during the development of the Interface Designer:

Dungeon Siege resources

Major Hostility’s SFX Tester
Team Elemental’s Tic-Tac-Toe demo
Dungeon Siege University

Delphi resources

Borland International
JVCL (Project Jedi) Component Team
Jan Verhoeven
SynEdit Project

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