Previous Milestones

World building imageBack when we first started development, Team Archon needed to find a way to recruit new team members and gather early feedback from potential players. We were inspired by the promising tech demos released by other, similar projects (most notably the now-defunct Ultima I remake from Peroxide), and therefore we set out to issue our own demo.  The feedback from the original tech demo exceeded our hopes, and convinced us that if we wanted to do this right, we would need to involve the public along the way.

Two-headed llamaSimilar to many other open-source projects, we decided to use an iterative development process to allow us to check our progress, polish areas of the game, and gather more feedback as we went so we could integrate it into the final product. Each milestone was released to the public along with an explanation of what was included and what to expect.

Around the time of the tech demo, we also realized that if U5 Lazarus and the U6 Project were to pool their resources, we would both have a much easier time developing the game. The U6 Project contributed boat technology and the conversation engine; the Lazarus team contributed the base map, a lot of key technologies, and many art assets and 3d models, and we continued to collaborate as we went. This collaboration led to the creation of what we call Project Britannia, which is the core component to both mods.

CompendiumHere for your perusal are all of the milestones that the U6 Project issued, including the Beta versions of the 1.0 Release. These may be interesting to those who would consider using Project Britannia in the future to do their own mods, or as a demonstration of the iterative process that we used. We hope you enjoy this inside look at Team Archon.

These are listed in reverse chronological order, with the newest releases listed first:

If you are interested in discussing the milestone releases, please join us at the Project Britannia forums . Many thanks from Team Archon.

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