The Language of Britannia – Focus on Wyrdweb

Another day begins, and the Britannian sun shines once more.

Wyrdweb, Team Archon’s Dialogue Editor, has been with the Ultima 6 Project since late 2006. Her work is everywhere. It’s one thing to put a name to a face, a job to a character – it’s another thing to bring life and invest it with meaning, and another still, to do it well. There are literally hundreds of people in Britannia, each with their own lives and dreams.

Dr. Cat

When Wyrdweb is working on an NPC, the original script is at her disposal, but that’s only the beginning. The context in which that character exists must be explored, and perhaps most importantly, immersed in that character’s world. Settlements from huts to hamlets to townes, keeps and cities must be populated, and that wondrous quality that is known and loved must be threaded through them. This requires a Wyrdweb. She loves writing and helping out. In her words:

“I’ve been following the news of the Project since close to the beginning. I wasn’t sure if it would go by the wayside as other mods had. I’d hoped it wouldn’t. UV:Lazarus was another I was following close from the beginning and loved that it came to fruition. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing the game.

“Laz’s completion gave me the assurance I needed to get involved a bit more. I finally stopped lurking and joined the U6P forums. I was asking a lot of questions and reporting bugs on the forum. Quentico (Team Archon Worldbuilder) approached Zephyr (Team Archon Producer) to see if they would bring me on board as QA Testing. But within days, Zephyr also added me as Conversation Editor. I’ve added from there, and will probably continue to add ‘hats’. I’m willing to do whatever is of help that’s within my power.

”But the bottom line, I love Ultima and to be able to have the opportunity to help is an honor. There is something unique about Ultima, far more than mere nostalgia. I wanted to be able to lend a hand to once again bring that Ultima spirit to life.”

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